CS Metal Co., Ltd. Shearing, slitting, and sale of steel sheets
Kiriu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of brake parts for automobiles
SC Machinex Asia Limited Trading machine, equipment, replacing parts & tools for production in various factories
SHOP Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd Multimedia retail business
Siam Tinplate Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of electrolytic tinplate and tin free steel
SMFL Leasing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Financial services (Financial Lease, Operating Lease, Hire-Purchase and Factoring)
Sumisho Global Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Warehousing & distribution services
Sumisho Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd Shearing, slitting, and sale of steel sheets
Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Leasing & Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Leasing of motor vehicles
Sumitronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
Summit Capital Leasing Co., Ltd. Motorcycle leasing and financing
Summit Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd. Development services and investment in power project
Thai Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd Manufacturing of steel pipe for motorcycles and other vehicles
Thai Sumilox Co., Ltd. Electromagnetic steel coil centre
Toyota Summit Co., Ltd. Dealer and service centre of Toyota cars
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